Multiple Tau Digital Correlators
Multiple Tau
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ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST

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  • ALV-7002
  • ALV-7004
  • ALV-7004/FAST
  • Replaces the ALV-5000/EPP !
  • Replaces up to four ALV-6000 !
  • Replaces up to four ALV-6010/200 !


ALV-7002, ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST Hardware Features

  • Two/fourfold Multiple Tau Digital Correlation Scheme (16/8), Auto Correlation and Cross Correlation
  • TWO (ALV-7002) OR FOUR (ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST) INDEPENDENT CORRELATORS, all correlation functions are computed at 100% real-time using one of the following correlation modes

    ALV-7002: AUTO0, AUTO1 or CROSS 0/1, CROSS 1/0

    ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST: AUTO0, AUTO1, AUTO2, AUTO3 or
    AUTO0, AUTO1, CROSS 0/1, CROSS 1/0 or AUTO2, AUTO3, CROSS 2/3, CROSS 3/2 or
    CROSS 0/1, CROSS 1/0, CROSS 2/3, CROSS 3/2
  • 100 ns initial sampling time (ALV-7002), 100 ns ... 219902,4 s lag time range
    25 ns initial sampling time (ALV-7004), 25 ns ... 54975,6 s lag time range
    3.125 ns initial sampling time (ALV-7004/FAST), 3.125 ns ... 54975,6 s lag time range
    Additional user selectable 100 ns initial STC “compatibility mode” for auto correlation experiments for ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST.
  • max. 2 x 312 correlation channels (ALV-7002)
    max. 4 x 312 correlation channels (ALV-7004)
    max. 4 x 336 correlation channels (ALV-7004/FAST)
  • “Symmetric Normalization”, individual channel and sampling time block monitor channels for every correlation channel (but the first 16) and sampling time group
  • ALV-7002 : 35 Mcps sustained (90 Mcps peak) max. input count rates, no scaling required
    ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST : 80 Mcps sustained (160 Mcps peak) max. input count rates, no scaling required
  • two/four TTL inputs, 50 Ohm impedance (2V ... 5V), < 5 ns pulse pair resolution
  • Multi Channel Trace for simultaneous fast recording of all input count rate information onto the hard disk with 102,4 µs integration time (819,2 µs for ALV-7002), parallel to correlation function accumulation and 100% real-time, recording length solely limited by the free hard disk space.
  • Two built-in fully digital test data generators for test and simulation purposes, one generating exponential correlation functions at extremely high accuracy with ~300 kcps count rate (~234 kcps for ALV-7002)
  • “Detector Protection Unit” output for each counting input, signalling “detector overload” and can be used to shut-down the single photon detectors
  • fast EPP interface to host (PCI or PCIe based adaptor board part of the delivery)
  • typ. less than 0.8 W (ALV-7002), resp. 1 W (ALV-7004), resp. 1,2 W (ALV-7004/FAST) power consumption at full input count rate
  • very robust full-metal housing with small footprint (125 mm x 143 mm x 74 mm) and ~650 g total weight
  • multi-norm (100-240 VAC, 47 .. 63 Hz), UL-listed switching power supply unit part of the delivery
  • fully RoHS compliant

Common Software Features (V.3.X Correlator Control Software)

  • WINDOWS-NT-4.0/2000/XP/VISTA compatible
  • Full real-time graphic display (partially 3D displays !) of all correlation relevant information and data reduction procedures
  • MCS function, saving of additional “Fast Count Rate” trace, works in parallel to correlation function assembly, integration time 0.1024 ms (ALV-7004 and ALV-7004/FAST) resp. 0.8192 ms (ALV-7002), max. channel size hard disk limited only !
  • Cumulant fitting and ALV-Regularized Fit procedure with up to 250 grid points (in-built correction for mass, surface-area and number weighted distribution functions)
  • Various non-linear data analysis routines for DLS, DWS and FCS
  • ASCII data format for all correlation data, data export filters
  • Copy&Paste for all data to other applications
  • Full support for ALV-CGS Goniometer Systems for automized DLS and SLS measurements
  • Automatic viscosity / refractive index versus temperature correction for many solvents
  • PASCAL based scripting language with several APIs (Correlator, RS-232, Port-I/O, Printer, File ...) allows the control and dynamic interaction with the software (for example : external hardware support, external stepper motors, waterbath circulators ...) - easy and comprehensive interface !
    As well allows specialized multiple run concepts to be implemented (for example : thermo ramps, cuvette rotation ...).
  • Additional support for external control, shared memory inerface to control software from another application ...
  • Context sensitive help system