Discontinued Correlator Models
Multiple Tau
Linear Tau
Stable Clock


All the correlator models shown below are discontinued models. While ALV does no longer sell (or will no longer sell in next future) these models, ALV will of course do service on these models, as well as all software development will include drivers for these models to allow them being operated with the current ALV-Correlator Software. You will find the expected “ end of life” date for sales (SL), service (SE) and software development (SO) indicated below. After these dates, no orders for these models can be accepted anymore, resp. no service on these models can be offered, resp. the ALV-Correlator Software can no longer be guaranteed to be compatible with these models.

ALV-Digital Real Time Correlators, ALV-5000/60X0 Series

Multiple Tau Digital Correlators

Common Hardware Features

  • ALV developed Multiple Tau Digital Correlation Scheme, Single or Dual Auto Correlation and Cross Correlation
  • Symmetric Normalization, individual channel and sampling time block monitor channels
  • 100% real-time for all sampling times
  • Two TTL inputs, 50 Ohm impedance
  • Multi Channel Trace for simultaneous fast recording of INPUT0 and INPUT1 count rate information onto the hard disk, parallel to correlation function accumulation and 100% real-time, recording length solely limited by the free hard disk space :

    Integration Time for ALV-5000/E : 409,6 µs
    Integration Time for ALV-5000/EPP, ALV-60X0 : 256 µs

Common Software Features (V.3.0 Correlator Control Software)

  • WINDOWS-NT-4.0/2000/XP compatible
  • Full real-time graphic display (partially, 3D displays !) of all correlation relevant information and data reduction procedures
  • MCS function, saving of additional input0/1 “Fast Count Rate” trace, works in parallel to correlation function assembly, integration time 0.256 ms (ALV-5000/EPP, ALV-60X0 in SINGLE MODE), max. channel size hard disk limited only !
  • Cumulant fitting and ALV-NonLin Regularized Fit procedure with up to 250 grid points (in-built correction for mass, surface-area and number weighted distribution functions)
  • Various non-linear data analysis routines for DLS, DWS and FCS
  • ASCII data format for all correlation data, data export filters
  • Copy&Paste for all data to other applications
  • Full support for ALV-CGS Goniometer Systems for automized DLS and SLS measurements
  • Automatic viscosity / refractive index versus temperature correction for many solvents

  • PASCAL based scripting language with several APIs (Correlator, RS-232, Port-I/O, Printer, File ...) allows the control and dynamic interaction with the software (for example : external hardware support, external stepper motors, waterbath circulators ...) - easy and comprehensive interface !
    As well allows specialized multiple run concepts to be implemented (for example : thermo ramps, cuvette rotation ...).
  • Additional support for external control, shared memory inerface to control software from another application ...
  • Context sensitive help system